Community-Based Rehabilitation Services

The support of a community to make a major difference in your life

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  • Adult Community-Based Rehabilitation Service
  • Youth Community-Based Rehabilitation Service
  • Family Community-Based Rehabilitation Service
  • Allegiance Behavioral Health provides Community-Based Rehabilitation Services through Idaho Medicaid that can assist you in building skills to facilitate more independence and confidence in your life. This is a person centered approach where they meet your needs, after facilitating goals to help you meet these needs. These services are for those that qualify for Medicaid insurance.

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    How can we assist you?

    You can turn to our team for Community Based Rehabilitation.

    When providing psychiatric to community based rehabilitation services, our goal is to promote independence. This means that we won't do tasks for our patients, but we can assist them in other ways, like:

    • Helping them organize the home
    • Assisting them with leaving the home
    • Taking them to fill out forms or paperwork
    • Ensuring they complete yearly renewals for Medicaid
    • Coping skills
    • Problem solving
    • Social skills
    • Basic living skills
    • Anger management
    • Directing them on how to organize important documents
    • Facilitating education needs with guardian permission