Bianca Villasano


"It has always been my passion to help others. I love having the opportunity to walk alongside my clients in whatever season of life they are in and help in any way I can."

Hannah Davidson


"I love helping and proving mental health services to others! Being an advocate within our community makes me enjoy the work we do everyday!

Rebecca Taylor


"I came into this work because I want to help people thrive in life. In a world that can be challenging at times, my office will be a place where I allow you to be your true self."

Community Based Specialists

Whitney Sanchez
CM/CBRS Specialist
Sydnee Petty
CM/CBRS Specialist

"It has always been important to me to make sure anybody I make a connection with never feels alone or helpless."

Gedeon Byiringiro
CM/CBRS Specialist

"I enjoy helping others because it connects me to people and ideas that positively impact my perspective about the community."

Tami Parks
CM/CBRS Specialist

"I love seeing individuals make connections they didn't have before. I truly enjoy helping people thrive and become better versions of themselves."

Molly Thorne BS
CM/CBRS Specialist

"I enjoy working in community health because I love helping families that may be struggling and if I can be of help, I want to do what I can. I find it rewarding to see lives change or assist with helping families and individuals improve their situations and lives. I enjoy helping others begin to help themselves, which allows them to become more than they thought they could be."

Jean Munyaziboneye
CM/CBRS Specialist

Peer Support Specialists

Josephine Gonzales
Darla Ersland
Ragdah Albomosa